How to get pregnant in New York

The NYPD has taken notice.

The department announced on Friday that it would be expanding its enforcement of the federal law known as Roe v.


It is asking women in the state of New York to get tested for STIs, report them if they have symptoms, and then go to a doctor to have an ultrasound.

The goal is to provide information about STIs and prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, police said.

The state has also begun issuing fines for women who have been found to have unsafe sex.

Police say there are no specific restrictions on where women can go for testing.

A woman can also get tested at a private health center.

The NYPD is also seeking volunteers to help enforce the new rules.

Anyone who thinks they may have been a victim of STIs or is considering having a baby should call police, said Officer Joseph F. DiResta, a spokesman for the department.