Fat pregnant woman fukes after being forced to eat bacon and potatoes

A pregnant woman in South Africa has been fukin her way to a full stomach after she was forced to ingest bacon and potato chips.

The woman was in hospital on Monday after the ordeal began, with hospital staff saying she had to be fed two to three pieces of bacon and a handful of potatoes in order to regain her energy.

“I was really hungry and I was just in the middle of my period when I had to eat the bacon and then the potatoes,” said the pregnant woman, who did not want to be named.

“I’m really hungry.

I was like, ‘I don’t have a choice.

I have to eat.'”

She then started vomiting and her stomach began to hurt and she was told to sit down.

It took about two hours to get a full-blown stomach.

She was then taken to the operating theatre and then transferred to the ICU where she remained for three days.

“It took three days for her to recover.

She was in the ICu for about five to six days and it was just like hell,” said her mother, a nurse at the South African Hospital.

The woman’s stomach was still full of the potato chips and bacon, so her husband had to give them up and take the woman home.

The family was worried that she would not make it to hospital again and the doctor told them she would need a c-section.

After two hours, the woman had her first bowel movement and was admitted to hospital.

Her mother said her tummy had ballooned and she could no longer stand up.

When she was released, she went home with the family.

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