A pregnant Thai woman is pregnant after eating spider meat and washes it down with urine

An Indian woman has taken to social media to share a horrifying story of eating spider’s leg meat in Thailand.

The 22-year-old, who did not want to be named, shared a video of her eating spider legs in the country’s capital Bangkok, which she posted to her Instagram account, The Real India.

The video shows the woman, who had been visiting Thailand, walking along a street, when she is confronted by a group of people who demand her to leave.

The group then takes out a big knife and starts cutting the spider’s legs off, leaving her with a bloody trail behind her.

The woman, whose family is Indian, said that the spider was her favorite meat.

She said that she had been eating it for two weeks and she had washed it down every night with her own urine.

The Indian woman, from India’s western state of Gujarat, told the Indian Express that she ate a lot of spider meat.

The man who took her video told The Indian Express, that she is not in a very good condition.

She added that she did not have a lot to lose by giving it up, so she decided to do the right thing and take it home with her.

“It was a horrible experience.

I had to wash it down to the point that I had blood on my face,” she said.”

I would get up in the morning and take a bath and I would wash myself with it.

I would go out and wash myself for a week before washing my face again,” she added.

A man who asked not to be identified told the newspaper that the woman had told him that she was pregnant with her second child.