Which states are doing the best job of keeping their pregnant women safe?


Texas Texas is doing a fantastic job keeping pregnant women healthy.

The state has more than 1.3 million pregnant women in the state, and while that number is up slightly from the previous year, it is still well below the national average of more than 6 million.

Texas also has a low rate of unintended pregnancies, with just 1.6 abortions per 1,000 pregnant women.

As a result, the state’s pregnancy rate is among the lowest in the country, at just 0.3 per 1 to 2 million.

According to the Texas Department of State Health Services, there are just under 890,000 births per year in Texas, which is well below all of the other U.S. states.


New Jersey New Jersey is doing the most to keep pregnant women alive.

New Jerseys pregnant women account for about half of all births in the city.

NewJersey is also one of the top states for maternal mortality rates, at about 9.7 deaths per 1 million pregnant people, compared to the national rate of 12.5.

New York is also among the top 10 states for pregnant women with low income, and it has one of its highest maternal mortality rate.

NewYork also has one the lowest infant mortality rates in the nation, at 7.4 per 1 1 million.


Arizona Arizona is one of two states that has one maternal mortality statistic that is significantly higher than the national one.

Arizona’s maternal mortality is 9.6 per 1 100,000 women, more than double the national figure of 6.2.

This year’s state-by-state maternal mortality numbers are: Texas – 2.9 per 1 10,000 New Jersey – 2 per 1 12,000 Arizona – 2 each in New Jersey, Arizona, and Texas.


Arkansas Arkansas has the lowest maternal mortality among states.

The maternal mortality for Arkansas women is about 1.5 per 1.000.

That means that a woman who is pregnant is much more likely to die in the womb than she would be if she were not pregnant.


Maryland Maryland is the only state that does not have a maternal mortality ratio higher than one, which means that the state has a maternal death rate that is lower than that of the national ratio.

This is due in part to the fact that Maryland has the highest number of deaths per 100, 000 women of any state in the U. S. 9.

Washington, D.C. Washington has the second-highest maternal mortality in the United States at 9.8 per 1 11,000.

The highest maternal death rates are in Washington, where 6.7 per 1 9,000 is the national total and 5.7 in Colorado, where 4.5 is the state total.


Tennessee Tennessee has the third-highest number of maternal deaths in the whole country, with 8.4 deaths per 11,400 women.


Iowa Iowa has one, the highest maternal maternal mortality of any U. s. state.

This statistic is based on a birth rate of 3.1, but there are a lot of babies born to women in Iowa.

The number of births per 1 pregnant woman in Iowa is 3.7, which comes in at a rate of 0.8 deaths per 10,400.


Mississippi Mississippi has the seventh-highest percentage of women living in poverty, and that’s the highest percentage of all the states.

Mississippi is also the state with the highest rate of maternal death among women with at least a high school education, at 2.6 deaths per women.


Alaska Alaska is one the most extreme states in the union, with a maternal health rate of 5.6.

This may be because Alaska has the fourth-highest rate of unplanned births per 10 million women, at 12.7.

The country’s highest maternal health rates are also in Alaska, where 7.3 deaths per every 10,100 women is the highest.


South Dakota South Dakota has one state that is a little bit more conservative than the rest of the country.

South Dakotans maternal health care spending is less than half of the overall U.s. rate of $1.9 trillion, but the state does spend a lot on maternal care.

The total maternal care spending in South Dakota is $1,082 billion, and the maternal deaths are only about $9,400 per 1 per 10.000 pregnant South Dakots.


New Mexico New Mexico has the sixth-highest rates of maternal mortality, but that’s because of the high rate of abortion in the State.

NewMexico has the fifth-highest abortion rate in the entire U.N., at 14.9.


Georgia Georgia is one state with one of only two maternal mortality ratios that are below one.

Georgia’s maternal death ratio is 4.9, well below its national rate, at 1.8.


Illinois Illinois