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‘Pregnant women’: Women in ‘pregnant clothing’

Pregnant, pregnant women, pregnant ladies, pregnant apparel and pregnant women?

This might be the most common title in fashion magazines, and it’s a term that can be hard to translate into everyday usage.

But the term, which can refer to clothing, accessories, or accessories for pregnant women or women in pregnant clothes, is gaining popularity online, particularly in the last year.

“It’s just a name that’s become really popular,” said Krista Stryker, an assistant professor of fashion design at The Ohio State University and author of the recent book, “Pregnants: A Fashion History of the Pregnancy Pockets.”

“It’s something that has gained a little traction.”

Stryker’s research has shown that “pregnants” are often used to describe pregnant women wearing pregnancy-friendly clothing.

It’s also become a name for women in outfits, such as pregnant yoga pants, that don’t have to be as formal as a traditional pregnancy-care garment.

Strykers and other fashion experts are hoping to get the term into broader use.

“It seems to have been embraced by people who are pregnant or who have experienced pregnancy,” she said.

“And we’re starting to see this trend spreading to the rest of the fashion world.

We hope it will be a thing of the past for the next five to 10 years.”

Stories of pregnant women dressing in pregnancy-appropriate clothing have circulated online.

In a post on the Huffington Post, one user wrote that pregnant women can be seen in “pregnancy clothing” for “all the reasons that they wear it, including the fact that they have a lot of kids.”

“It seems so empowering to be able to wear something that is supportive of pregnancy,” said Strykers, who’s also a writer for a magazine called “Sisters” that focuses on the lives of women of color.

“But I think that for many of these pregnant women who have had this experience, there is something missing.

They don’t know what it means to wear a pregnancy-style outfit, or how to get a pregnant look without being a total embarrassment to themselves.”

Pregainers, the title of a book by fashion designer Stephanie Roth, is one example.

It describes how a woman can “wear maternity clothes to show her love and commitment to her children, while still maintaining a comfortable fit for her body.”

“That’s the most important thing: to feel comfortable in your own skin, without having to show off your belly,” Roth wrote in a blog post.

“The fact that pregnant people can do this is amazing and important.”

Stacyker said that the term “pregnancies” is an inclusive term that captures the idea that there are different levels of pregnantness.

It also captures the notion that we can be pregnant for all kinds of reasons, she said, noting that many women in pregnancy clothes wear the same outfit all the time.

“It just comes down to being able to feel free in your body and knowing you’re doing something that you care about, and that you’re taking care of your body,” Stryke said.

Stryke, who is also a columnist for The Wall Street Journal, said she sees a shift in how pregnant women are perceived online as the industry begins to shift away from the “pussycat” image and toward a more “empowering” image.

“I think that’s a big shift,” she told Fortune.

“Because for so long, it was a male gaze.

It was very masculine and it was very exclusive.”