When a woman’s breasts are a problem: A pregnant woman’s body may be an issue

By CBS News Staff WriterSUNNYVALE, Calif.

(CBS) — The sun has been shining on a pregnant woman in the Mojave Desert.

A photo from a photographer’s Instagram account shows a woman with a bright pink, light-up bra, her breasts shining in the desert sun.

A spokeswoman for the Nevada Department of Health said the woman’s condition was unknown and the department did not know whether she had any other injuries.

The Department of Public Health says there are no known instances of people becoming pregnant while traveling in the country.

The department does not have a list of pregnant women who have died while traveling.

The state Department of Transportation said there were no known cases of pregnant passengers being in an accident while traveling with their babies.

A pregnant woman with her baby on her back in the mountains of the Mojaves on Thursday.

A spokesperson for the California Department of Motor Vehicles says pregnant drivers should be prepared to take a ride from a passenger seat in case of an emergency.

The DMV is asking people to be cautious and follow directions when traveling in a vehicle.