‘Free pregnant women’ in New York pose with naked women

NEW YORK — A group of pregnant women and free pregnant women posing for a photo Thursday with naked pregnant women have taken the spotlight on the issue of pregnancy, a symbol of the stigma attached to pregnancy.

The group of about 100 women posed for photos at the St. Patrick’s Cathedral, which is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary and the patron saint of pregnancy.

The women, dressed in the traditional Catholic garb, were joined by the St Patrick’s Parishioners’ Relief Society and the parish’s director of community service, Fr.

Patrick C. O’Connell.

The images of the group at St. Paul’s Cathedral were posted to Instagram by the group and are being shared on Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets.

Some of the women in the photos had never been to St. Louis, the first stop on their tour.

They were posing with women in traditional Catholic attire and holding a crucifix in their hands.

The nuns, who have been working for St. Thomas More Parish for more than 50 years, are among a growing number of women who are embracing a form of pregnancy as a symbol to show their love for the Blessed Mother.

In 2014, the group was featured in a photo with the Blessed Madonna St. Margaret of the Holy Spirit, a woman who was married for 99 years to Saint Patrick of the Cross.