Egyptian pregnant woman is ‘totally devastated’ by viral pregnancy

Egyptian pregnant women are struggling to cope with a viral pregnancy, as they wait for an IV to be injected in an attempt to give birth.

The birth of a baby girl has been a nightmare for the couple, who have had two previous deliveries in the past three years.

“We were expecting a baby but the baby did not make it,” said one of the women, who asked to remain anonymous.

“She was very upset.

I think it is the first time we have ever had a baby in Egypt,” she said.”

The doctor is very concerned for us.

I don’t know how to talk to her.”

The two women have been living in a crowded neighbourhood of Cairo and fear the risk of infection if the infection is not caught before delivery.

The two Egyptian women say they have been treated at four hospitals for viral infections and have had to undergo surgery.

The woman has a severe head injury and is in a critical condition.

The women, both from the Nile Delta, are hoping to have the baby in a few weeks.

“There is no treatment yet.

We are waiting for the delivery of the baby, we don’t have a clue what will happen,” one of them said.