How to protect your baby from spider bites

In a recent post on Facebook, the mother of a baby girl who was bitten by a spider told how she had been left traumatised by the incident.

“This was a terrifying experience for me and I am extremely lucky that I was able to get my daughter back and have a baby who is doing well and healthy,” said the woman.

“We had to take the baby out of the house for about 6 hours and spend a lot of time away from our home.”

The woman posted a photo of the baby, now aged three, on her Facebook page in a bid to help other mothers feel less alone in the face of a potentially fatal spider bite.

The post also shared advice on protecting children from spider bite and the dangers of petting a spider, and the post has been shared more than 1,000 times.

However, the post was not enough to stop the post being shared thousands of times across social media sites, prompting the mother to post a message to the social media giant asking them to remove the post.

“I have just shared my story to warn other parents to avoid petting spiders or wearing clothes made of silk or fur,” she said.

“Many of the spiders I’ve seen are dangerous to children, which is why I was concerned.”

Even if the child is fine and healthy, I still think the post needs to be taken down.

“Please remove the page because the post is distressing and I do not want my daughter to have to deal with the consequences of the spider bite.”

Social media has reacted to the post with anger, with many people claiming it was disrespectful and offensive.

The mother’s post has attracted a lot more than 2,000 comments and shares.

“It’s not ok to put the safety of your child above the safety and happiness of others,” wrote one Facebook user.

“Don’t put the interests of other people before your own.

That is not acceptable,” said another.”

Stop spreading the message that spiders are harmless and don’t take them as seriously,” wrote another.

But a Facebook user has responded to the mother’s message by saying: “I just got home from work, and I was walking around and I saw a spider hanging out in the garden.

It’s just a normal thing for people to see.”

They do live in the UK, so it’s not that unusual for people in other countries to see spiders.

“What is unacceptable is putting the safety, happiness and happiness or the health and well being of other human beings above that of a spider.”

“It is a very sad situation.”Read more: