“Pregnant Woman” silhouettes of women pose in front of the White House with a baby in hand

It’s official.

A baby is here.

Pregnant women.

That’s what the new White House “Pregnancy and Child Care” video is all about.

It’s about what we all want.

It shows us our babies, what we’re looking forward to with our new babies, and what it’s like to be a mom.

Pregnancy and child care, in fact, is a part of the Obama administration’s mandate to make our country healthier, more educated and more safe for our families.

The goal is to improve outcomes for women and their babies, from birth to birth.

This year, we’re launching a campaign to promote and promote the concept of Pregnancy & Child Care, a new national initiative to help women, their families and their communities.

In a video released this week, White House press secretary Dana Perino and Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius discuss the campaign, which will be rolled out across the government in phases starting next week.

Here are the top six things we learned about the campaign from the video.

Prenatal screening to be done at every doctor visit The campaign is a nationwide initiative that’s part of a broader effort to improve the health of our nation’s pregnant women.

We’re working with a coalition of more than 100 health and human services providers to roll out prenatal screening and testing at all doctors visits, in clinics, in hospitals and across the country.

We are rolling out the Pregregnancy and Children Care Campaign at every health care provider in every state, according to Perino.

This will be a national initiative.

We know that screening in every doctor’s office and every clinic is the first step toward getting pregnant and caring for our babies.

In some states, we’ve partnered with community health centers and schools to expand screenings, including screenings in their libraries and community centers.

These screenings can help ensure that pregnant women and children are being screened and treated appropriately for all their health risks.

We will continue to work with states and other partners to make sure that we are screening pregnant women in the safest way possible, and that we have as many women and girls as possible screened, so that we can all have a better chance at having healthy babies.

What you need to know about the Pregnancy.

Child care is a key part of that.

The White House is rolling out this campaign to raise awareness of child care.

P&C is also working with communities to promote the importance of having child care for all parents.

And we are working with local health departments and other organizations to offer resources to families who want to participate in P&Cs.

P.C. will offer free or low-cost child care services, including nursery and daycare, at local health care centers and community hubs.

PWC will also provide training to providers who provide care to pregnant women, and we will expand support for families who are parents of a child with a disability.

In the meantime, we encourage parents to consider the importance to provide care for their kids to ensure they are safe.

The campaign will help raise awareness about prenatal care, screening and the importance for moms to be ready for childbirth.

This is not just about getting pregnant, but it is also about being a mom and giving your baby the care he or she deserves.

POCs are also vital to improving outcomes for the health and well-being of our families by improving their educational, occupational and behavioral skills.

PNCs are vital to helping our children learn, develop and grow, by providing a safe and nurturing environment and providing opportunities for them to develop and thrive.

PLCs are critical to supporting a strong economy and providing affordable childcare to all families, including low-income families.

PICs are key to helping parents and children build the strong social networks they need to thrive.

We need to have a strong P&CA community in the White Houses, and this is an opportunity to help connect the dots and get people involved, from the White house, to all the agencies involved.

The President has called P&c the No. 1 issue in our country’s economic and social problems.

The president believes that we must continue to invest in POC and PWC to support a stronger economy and to create a more just society.

This campaign will build a stronger P&CB community and strengthen our economy by increasing the number of P&CCs and PIC’s available to working parents and the number who are employed.

The P&CP is also a critical component of our commitment to economic justice.

This effort is part of our national commitment to a strong middle class and economic security.

The administration’s P&CE plan is working toward making sure we are making progress toward achieving that goal.

This new campaign will be part of an ongoing effort to build a strong and stable middle class, with women, children and families having the best economic and educational opportunities in the country today.

It will help our nation meet the challenges of this changing economy.

It is an important