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What we know about pregnant women executed in Queensland

An ex-police sergeant convicted of murdering pregnant women in Queensland has been executed for the murder of the women in a crime which shocked Australia and the world.

Detective Superintendent Peter Rolfe of the Queensland Police Service’s Serious Organised Crime Command was sentenced to death in March last year, after an 18-month trial.

In a televised address, Mr Rolf, 46, spoke of his anger at the death of his former partner, Ms Sarah Sallie, and her unborn child, who was born prematurely and was in hospital in Brisbane.

“It’s an incredibly sad day for all Queenslanders, particularly for those women and their families,” he said.

“The sentence is a terrible one for me.”

I’m devastated.

My heart is broken for Sarah Sillie’s family and all of them, as well as for the unborn child.

“This has been a horrific crime and I’m sorry that this crime has occurred.”

Detective Constable Peter Rolff and his wife Karen in court in Brisbane in 2011.

Source: SuppliedDetective Commissioner Mark Williams was also found guilty of manslaughter and will be sentenced next month.

He will face a separate trial.

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