First Year

Anime pregnant woman sleeps on her couch

Posted March 11, 2019 06:53:49Pregnant woman is sleeping on her sofa and looks at her phone in a desperate attempt to sleep.

The anime pregnant woman is on her phone during a busy night when she is awoken by a phone call.

She immediately takes the phone out and looks for a new phone.

When she comes across a picture of a cute baby on the phone, she opens it and finds the picture of her baby sister.

As she opens the picture, she notices her baby crying and wonders what it is.

The baby is sleeping with her sister.

As she looks at the picture and sees the cute baby sleeping on the sofa, she thinks about how cute her sister is.

Her sister’s smile is a bright red.

She opens the phone to find a picture with her and her baby sleeping in bed.

She thinks about her sister and then thinks about the phone.