Woman says she’s pregnant and she’s still trying to keep it under wraps

A pregnant woman in Texas is still struggling to keep her pregnancy a secret, but she says she is trying to get help.

Her boyfriend has been helping her to keep a low profile for the past month and she said she is still trying not to let the public know.

Her story is heartbreaking, but it has its roots in Texas and her family and friends know exactly where she is.

She said she was in a car accident about a month ago and lost a lot of blood.

The next month she told her boyfriend she was pregnant, and he said he would take care of the baby and help her through her recovery.

Her friend called the police and her boyfriend called the hospital and her baby was found.

She had to go to the hospital again, but the doctor told her it would be fine and that she could get back on the road as soon as possible.

She has since gotten an ultrasound, and now her boyfriend has also called the doctor and is taking the baby home.

But she said it was still hard for her to tell her friends about her pregnancy.

“We were trying to put it behind us, but I just feel like it’s not over yet,” she said.

Her friends and family have tried to help her but she said they are also still worried about her health.

“It is definitely scary because it is just hard to be away from your kids and the baby.

I don’t want anyone to see my belly and I want people to be scared,” she added.

She hopes that by telling her friends and the public she will be able to move on and find help.

She was able to keep the pregnancy a surprise because her boyfriend knew she had been pregnant for about two weeks.

“I was able [to keep it a secret] because I was so afraid that people would think I had been cheating and that I was lying to my friends and to the police,” she told ABC News.

“If I had to do it over again, I would tell them that I am pregnant and I’m still trying.”

Her friends have taken to Twitter and Instagram to help.

Some have helped her out with her phone, while others have donated money.

“Just wanted to let you know that I’m grateful and I hope this helps you out, I really appreciate it,” one friend wrote.

“Thank you to everyone who has offered to donate to my care.

I know it’s a huge struggle, but thank you for your love and support!” said another.

The police said they will be contacting her friends to see if they can help her keep her baby safe.

“This is an incredibly difficult time for us and the officers are working hard to get this situation under control,” a police spokesperson said in a statement.