How the cat has been pregnant for nine years!

The cat has become pregnant nine years and counting, according to a new report by the Jerusalem Post. 

The cat, named Cat, is in the care of a shelter in Jerusalem, the paper reported.

The cat was born in May 2016 to a couple in Israel, and since then she has been living in a shelter for over a year, according the paper.

The paper said the cat’s mother, a pregnant Egyptian woman, had to give birth to her newborn, because she could not give birth herself.

According to the paper, the cat, who has been given birth to eight children, is expected to become pregnant again when she is 18 years old.

The newspaper reported that the cat will need a neuter operation, and a neuters, a cat that is born healthy.

The Israeli shelter where the cat lives will take care of the cat through the process, the report said.

The shelter will pay for her treatment.

The cats welfare is important to them, the newspaper quoted a shelter official as saying.

The Jerusalem Post reported that some of the shelter’s volunteers had been caring for the cat in the past and had raised funds to help cover the costs.

“We want to show that it is possible to raise a cat with dignity,” the shelter said in a statement to the newspaper. 

In November, Israel’s minister of health, Yoav Mordechai, said that the government had allocated $1 million for the care and care of pregnant cats, which it intends to spend in the next six months. 

Earlier this month, the country was ranked as one of the most dangerous countries for pregnant women in the world, according a report by The New York Times.

The country has a record number of women who give birth prematurely, with nearly 1,500 women who died last year.

The New York Daily News reported that in Israel in 2017, the nation had more than 1,300 pregnant women who were either sexually assaulted or who died as a result of pregnancy complications.