‘It’s not about politics’: ‘It wasn’t about the race, it was about the country’

The New York Times reported that “Pregnant Women Photoshoot” is not a new phenomenon.

“The new campaign is called #ItsNotAboutTheRace, a nod to a recent trend of women participating in photo shoots and social media contests to show off their pregnancy status, in an attempt to promote their fitness and pregnancy status.”

The new campaign, which will take place this weekend at the New York City’s World Famous Jazz Festival, “features more than 100 women from the New England area and the country, including women from a number of ethnic groups, including people of color.”

According to the Times, the campaign is “in response to a trend of Instagram photos showing the pregnant woman’s body in a provocative fashion, but the campaign also has the support of some of the country’s most prominent African-American women.”

Pregnant People Photoshoots “was developed by the National Partnership for Pregency Care and Education (NPPCE), a nonprofit group formed in 2015 with the goal of helping pregnant women access health care.

NPPCE has been in the business of promoting the health and well-being of pregnant women since the early 2000s,” according to the article.

In a statement to the New Jersey Journal, Pregence Campaign President Rachel Rocha said, “We’re committed to making the Pregation Campaign more than a social media stunt, and to making pregnancy more comfortable for women across the country.

This campaign is an expression of our commitment to improving health care access for pregnant women, and a way to encourage more women to participate in pregnancy-related activities.” 

The Pregents, an organization which promotes healthy lifestyles and a sense of community, “was formed in 2013 to promote healthy lifestyles, support healthy behaviors and to make pregnancy less intimidating.” 

“It’s been really rewarding and rewarding to see how many women have taken part in this campaign, and the women who are coming forward to share their stories and experiences,” Rochas spokesperson said. 

The campaign is being run by Pregnants and will take the stage at the Jazz Festival on Sunday, August 8th. 

“The goal is to inspire women and families to get healthy, active and excited about their pregnancy,” said Pregencies spokesperson, Rachel R. Rochan. 

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