How to be a feminist in China

By Michelle L. Purdy, Associated Press article China is now the most populous nation in the world with an estimated 6.2 billion people.

China’s population is projected to rise to 9.2 trillion by 2035, according to the United Nations.

China has the world’s fastest growing economy and is in the midst of a rapid transition to a market economy.

China has become the world leader in the development of new technology and the country is now a center of the global manufacturing sector.

China is also a leader in renewable energy, particularly wind power, solar power and solar thermal power, and its government has committed to increasing the country’s carbon emissions.

However, a new report from the United States Council on Foreign Relations finds that the country remains a major producer of greenhouse gases and is a top polluter in the United State.

The report, called China’s Carbon Emissions: The Global Perspective, comes on the heels of the U.S. government’s decision to cut its carbon emissions by a third.

The new report says the United Kingdom has a better record than China on emissions than China has on other countries.

The report notes that the United states has cut its own emissions in the past and the report shows the United Nation has a “better record” on China than it does on the rest of the world.

China is ranked sixth on the carbon footprint list and the United Arab Emirates is number seven.

The ranking does not take into account the impact of human activities on the atmosphere, such as deforestation, pollution and water shortages.

The United Nations has been warning that China’s pollution is so severe that it could destroy its future as a global leader in environmental stewardship and a leader on climate change.

The study says China’s emissions are among the worst in the developed world.

It estimates China emits nearly 3.4 million metric tons of CO2 per year, and it has surpassed countries such as the United Sates, France and the Netherlands.

China’s emissions have been on a trajectory of increasing over the last decade.

It was already the largest emitter in 2014, but the report says its emissions rose significantly in 2015.

It said China’s new target for 2030 will be a “realistic” increase, but its targets are still a long way off.

China continues to build its factories and factories have a greater carbon footprint than those in the U and Europe.

China currently accounts for over half of all the CO2 emitted in the industrial world.