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A pregnant woman is not impressed by a baby photo and she is pissed off

A pregnant pregnant woman who is upset that a photo of her baby on Instagram is making the rounds on social media is getting angry at the woman in the photo.

The mother of three says the woman who posted the photo of herself holding the child with a baby doll and a baby blanket has been a big deal for her for the last week.

“I’ve been getting lots of hate messages and comments from people that don’t even know what a ‘baby’ is,” she said.

“It’s really hurtful and I’m just really disappointed that people are taking it out on a woman.”

Ms Zuzia Zuzio told The Courier-Mail that she was upset by the photo because it shows the woman holding the baby and the blanket, which she believes are fake.

“She was the one who posted it on Instagram, she didn’t put it up on her personal page,” she told the paper.

“And I don’t think she thought it was good.”

The photos are really inappropriate for a pregnant woman to be doing.

It’s not OK to show a baby on the internet.

“She said she is also upset by her “lifestyle choices”.”

I’m definitely going to keep looking for another job and finding another way to earn some money.

“But I’m also frustrated with how I’ve been treated by people.

It really feels like I’m in a war between two cultures and the culture I’m from, I don, I feel I’ve just been discriminated against.”

The woman in question, who has not been named, is not happy that her image has been taken and is asking for people to be respectful.

“They’re asking me to post something and not do it, and that’s wrong,” she explained.

“How are they supposed to know my history, my culture, what my family are like, how I’m doing, and then to post a photo on Instagram?

I’ve seen it in my Instagram feed before.”