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How to talk to a Chinese pregnant woman

CHINA’S MOST PROMOTIVE Pregnant Woman is the latest celebrity to make headlines for her pregnancy.

According to the Shanghai Daily, an 18-year-old pregnant woman who goes by the name of Ying has been the subject of multiple comments from Chinese celebrities, including Chinese actor Zhang Jingqiang.

The news of Ying’s pregnancy comes just weeks after a pregnant woman in Shanghai was attacked with a knife and beaten by a group of men, after she refused to hand over her mobile phone.

The Chinese government has previously called on women to “respect” pregnancy, but Ying’s case is an example of how the country’s anti-pregnancy laws are being used to silence pregnant women.

In October, a pregnant Chinese woman was beaten to death by a mob in Tianjin, while she was walking home after giving birth.

Ying, however, appears to be the first celebrity to have been targeted for being pregnant.

She told the Shanghai daily that her pregnancy was a “dissenting opinion” on the issue of pregnancy, and that she did not want to use her pregnancy to be used against her.

Ying said she would like to continue raising her baby with her father, and she has already met with her boyfriend.

“I’m also thinking of going to college to become a doctor.

I really want to give birth to a baby and be a doctor,” she said.

Pregnant people have been detained and harassed in China for months, with many receiving death threats and violent attacks from the government.

In February, a Chinese man was detained for five days in Guangdong province for refusing to be taken to a hospital for a checkup.

This case is just the latest in a series of cases of pregnant women being treated in Chinese hospitals for refusing medical attention.

In March, a 19-year old pregnant woman from the city of Tianjin was attacked by a crowd after she attempted to give a birth in a public hospital.

The police responded by beating her, and one of her parents was arrested for attempting to cause a riot, the local government said at the time.