How Uber’s drivers were paid for a job they couldn’t do

The company has come under scrutiny for how it pays its drivers.

The company said the number of drivers who work for Uber and Lyft is actually smaller than the number who work at rival taxi services like Cabcharge and UberX.

Now, the company is looking into how much of their compensation they are required to pay their workers.

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A spokesperson for the company said they “did not believe the allegations” and that they are looking into the matter.

“We want to ensure that all our drivers are treated fairly and equitably, and we’re going to do that in a fair way,” the spokesperson said.

Uber drivers who do not earn enough to be paid hourly will not be eligible for any future pay raises, the spokesperson added.

Uber said that it is working with the National Labor Relations Board to ensure this isn’t a problem and that it “is doing all it can to make sure the workers it hires are treated with dignity and respect.”

Drivers will be required to make annual financial disclosure statements to Uber, but it will not include a breakdown of how much they are paid.

Drivers who do earn more than the minimum wage will be compensated, but only at the hourly rate of the company.