Teen Pregnant Woman Sketches Her First-Pregnancy Photo and Pregams Pregnancy Shorts

“I am pregnant, I am pregnant,” the pregnant pregnant woman tells MTV News in the clip below.

“My first-pregnancy photos are just the beginning.”

She adds that she is in the process of “moving forward” with her pregnancy and that she will “keep pushing forward.”

The woman says she is “not pregnant” at the beginning of the video, but it is a fact she is not comfortable sharing publicly.

The teen has posted a series of tweets detailing her pregnancy, saying that she was “pregamted” and that “my dad” helped her get the pictures she took.

The pregnant woman, whose last name was not released, has also said that she has an “exciting life ahead of me.”

She says that the photos of her pregnancy were taken with her dad’s iPhone, which she says “is a pretty cool gadget” for pregnancy and birth photography.

“My dad had an iPhone, so he could go through the whole pregnancy process and see what I was up to, and also see my weight, because I was so overweight,” she says.

“I had been struggling with it for a while, so I was a little afraid of it.”

She then tells MTV that she hopes that people will “learn a little bit more about what it means to be pregnant.”

“When I look back at my pregnancy, I feel like it’s just a continuation of my life,” she continues.

“It’s my first pregnancy, so that means everything.

I’m proud of it.

I want to share it with people.”

In her latest tweet, the woman shared her first-and-final pictures, which show her belly full and her “momentum” in the photos.

“When you look back on this experience, it feels like it is your last,” she writes.

If you are still struggling, please understand that we are not alone.”